pond plants

Tiigitehnika OÜ

Ojaääre, Kuldre village, Võrumaa, Estonia

Viljo Jõela
+372 5103709

Timo Tasane
+372 56699060

NB! You can visit our show ponds from mid-May:

  • In the village of Tuulna, near Keila in North Estonia
  • In the village of Kuldre, Antsla Parish, South Estonia.

Please arrange your visit in advance by e-mail or phone.

In addition to pond plants, you can also find everything you need to create a properly functioning water body:

  • Drum filters
  • bead filters
  • moving bed filters
  • plant filters
  • Trikle towers
  • canister filters
  • air pumps and accessories
  • various pond pumps
  • UV-C purification units

Come and explore!